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Our commitment

Our goal is to produce timeless pieces that also respect earth and the people.


Every day we try to be better, to make batter and to deliver you the best product ever.


Our major goal is to create fair and quality products. Fair to the consumers, to the workers and to the planet.

The Ecological Responsibility

We use a short-circuit of manufacturing to reduce our ecological footprint and limit greenhouse emissions throughout. Our workshop is based in São João da Madeira, Portugal, only a few kilometers away from our headquarters, in Porto, and all our suppliers. Production is reduced to avoid surplus and unnecessary expenses and orders are placed as needed.


The Traditional Know-How

Our production follows a traditional know-how that comes from generation to generation. We value the craft and knowledge and believe that good things take their time, love and dedication. Every step of the production from assembling to modeling, the entire production process is done by highly qualified craftsmen who use their unique techniques and knowledge making every shoe a piece of art.



The Materials

We work with leather suppliers that assure a responsible and sustainable production that respects the European regulation standards and also use methods that helps to protect the environment and the ecosystem. The leather that are used in our goods are prevenient from the animals used in food industry as we do not support the use of leather prominent from wild animals or from animal exploration for the use of their skin.



The Packaging

Although we do not have not yet 100% plastic free packaging, we work every day to find an effective way to ship our shoes with the necessary safety to ensure it gets to you in perfect conditions. All boxes used, from the shoe boxes to shipping are made in paper from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests. This certification guaranties the legality of a forests utilisation and proves the absence of links to deforestation supporting sustainability and promoting the biodiversity conservation.