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At Hiima’s origin, Coralie and Alexis,

A couple both in private and business.
She studied fashion and worked for garment and shoe brands in Paris and Spain. He studied business before joining her in fashion marketing.

After several experiences in both fast fashion and luxury brands, they raised the same question:


Why does good quality products have to be so expensive?

Hiima is founded by the desire to defy these standards.






The concept : Slow fashion at ready-to-wear price


We believe in a luxury market, more ethical and more affordable by focusing on what is really important: the product.

All our creations are handmade in Portugal in manufactures who also work for an internationally known brand. We only use noble raw materials coming from Italy or Spain. To ensure the lowest price, we cut all the middlemen, managing ourselves the production in a tight relationship with the manufactures and we only sell online. Our margin is also reduced, that’s how we are at least three time less expensive than another traditional luxury brand. Our collections are available in small series or in limited pre-order.

We think that fashion is not supposed to happen twice a year, that’s why every 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month you can discover new models.


The Designer Word


“Hiima is a fashion brand that I created with Alexis for every girl that likes beautiful and well-made products, with that little detail that makes all the difference.

What drives me when I imagine our models is finding the perfect detail that will make the difference when you wear it: the little pompom, the bow, the little touch of gold, the discreet but present ornaments … all these elements that will make this product exclusive and timeless. The idea is to offer you chic, modern, quality and timeless products you can wear every day, day and night.

As a designer, I imagine and design all models always thinking of what you might like. The sketches thus come to life through the various creation and manufacturing processes in the small workshops with whom we maintain relationships of trust.

I really hope you will enjoy wearing our creations as much as we enjoy creating them for you. “

– Coralie